Where did humanity come from? Is the Bible even relevant today? What kind of positive impact can I make in this world?

If you’ve ever pondered these types of questions, our youth and adult Sabbath School groups are the place for you. It’s a safe environment to open up, ask the big questions, have respectful discussions and make authentic friendships. We also like to just hang out too, if you want to connect please fill out the form below and select Youth Ministry from the drop down.

Sabbath School

Studying the Bible on your own sometimes leaves you guessing where to start, a resource that can help you with this very issue and help you grow in your faith is something we call the lesson. The lesson is something you can go through every day as it is designed as a devotional. Every week the topic and Bible areas change leading you on a journey of discovery.

You can access both the inVerse lesson pamphlet for young adults here, or the Adult lesson pamphlets here - depending on what you prefer.

You can also download the Sabbath School App from either of the app stores below.


For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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